Scaffolding Industry leading the way in discussing Mental Health in construction

An important part of Malvern’s 2019 Strategic Plan focuses on continuing to invest resources into the Health and Wellbeing of our operatives. This will include utilising and building upon the NASC’s campaign for Mental Health, namely “Head for Heights”. This campaign aims to breakdown the stigma surrounding mental health and wellbeing and raise awareness of the simple steps companies can take to improve Mental Health within the scaffolding industry.

The campaign not only puts emphasis on the importance of making operatives feel comfortable talking about mental health but also encourages employers to have a procedural plan in place to manage employees who are experiencing mental health issues, such as ensuring they show compassion and understanding when dealing with employees who are suffering.

Jon Stone (Commercial Director) commented that;

“Mental health has been a taboo topic for many years. The creation of the NASC “Head for Heights” campaign illustrates the progress being made within the scaffolding industry to recognize the importance of operatives’ Health and Wellbeing. I hope that other companies like ours, with Owner-Directors at the helm on a daily basis, embrace this campaign across the industry. We need it to have a  positive impact,  so that all our staff and operatives feel the benefits of working in a positive, open and safe environment where there are processes in place to manage issues as and when they arise.