Operatives Responsible for their own Health and Safety

Malvern Scaffolding Health and Safety


In July last year a scaffolder working for a firm in London was photographed at 60ft working on a top lift with no SG4 guardrail and without being clipped on.
The HSE successfully prosecuted the scaffolder for not taking reasonable care for his own and others wellbeing by his actions.

This is a bit of a landmark case in the scaffolding industry in that the employee was prosecuted, not the Employer. The Employer could prove that that they had provided correct and regular training and the necessary equipment to do the job safely.

This case reminds us of the need to regularly take steps to influence employee behaviours and frankly is also a good opportunity to demonstrate that if they ignore us, they might get punished.

At Malvern Scaffolding we hold monthly toolbox talks with our employees, where often actual cases such as this incident are discussed. We find that contextualizing the regulations helps our employees to understand the possible outcomes and consequences of their actions when working on sites.