Investment in Stand-Up Desks for our Offices

In the Construction industry it can be easy to direct your Health and Safety Strategy solely at on-site Operatives, however at Malvern Scaffolding we recognise that our Office-Based Employees require an equal amount of consideration. Recent press coverage has highlighted the dangers to long term health of prolonged periods of sitting down. Therefore, as part of our ‘Employee Well-Being Strategy’ we have recently invested in ‘Stand-Up Desks’ for all Office-Based Employees. The initiative was driven by our Health and Safety Manager, Rene Peters, and he comments:

“Upon researching the Stand-Up desks, it became clear that both the Employee and Company can benefit from the investment. The Employee can benefit by burning more calories, reducing stress, improving concentration, circulation and blood pressure, to name just a few. Whilst the Company can benefit from Employees being more productive, collaborative and confident, and of course, healthier”.