We invest in materials that benefit the Company, our staff and our customers. We have invested significantly in the Tube-lock system in place of all our old-fashioned heavy scaffold tube.

Having only three standard lengths of tube 2m,3m & 4m has brought many benefits.
The main objectives were to reduce manual handling and improve logistics.
Both have surpassed our expectations.

No longer are our operatives carrying a cumbersome 21ft (28kg) scaffold tubes, now it’s a 4m (15.7kg) tube and storage areas onsite have been reduced by over 50% as we no longer have to store an array of different lengths of tube.

Key Points

  • Heaviest part weighs only 15.7kg
  • Longest Length 4m
  • Reduces manual handling
  • Stronger connection than sleeve couplers
  • No Staggering of joints in the scaffold structure
  • Fewer component sizes to store, pick, load
  • Reduced footprint on site
  • Smooth connections



When anchoring scaffolds, we know of the potential to damage either the brick-face or the integrity of the newly laid wall by using drill-in anchors. The alternative is to tie through window openings, which creates other problems. We wanted to find a solution to all these issues.

We have developed and manufactured our own re-usable scaffold tie that meets this brief.

The MALVERN KEY-TIE is simply inserted through a pre-formed slot in the mortar joint and rotated through 90 degrees to locate. It uses the same methods of securing to the scaffold as in TG20/TG4 but without the risk of damaging the front of the brick or fouling windows.

Our simple innovation, the MALVERN KEY-TIE overcomes this problem.

Key Points

  • Simple to use
  • Installs through the mortar joint
  • No damage to brick face
  • Re-usable
  • Works on New Build & Existing
  • Tensile load 6.1kN

Supplied by our development partners ADI Supply Ltd:



Today’s construction site requires co-operation between all the companies delivering the project.

We understand and plan to get the right people in the right places at the right time.

We achieve this by investing in our: –

  • Management structure
  • Operational staff
  • Bespoke contract management system
  • Modern fleet of vehicles
  • Real-time vehicle tracking system
  • Efficient warehouse facility



Scaffold structures are becoming increasingly complex and having a range of equipment available in-house that facilitates the best end result for clients is one of the many reasons why we are so successful.

Whether it is a fully boarded scaffold with re-tractable transoms for easy adaptions, scaffold structures without ledger bracing for free access, the fastest birdcage system or any other scaffold, we carry the right stock to provide your solution.

  • Haki® System Scaffold
  • Ready-lock transoms
  • Extendable transoms
  • Hop-up Brackets
  • Nico track (lifting beams)
  • Stair access towers
  • Loading bays
  • Netting/ Sheeting/ Shrink- wrap