Hygienic Scaffolding

Specialists in providing access and containment solutions in food and drink process plants. We can provide solutions that encapsulate important plant and protects it from external contamination, or vice versa which ensures dust proof segregation between ‘dirty-side’ and clean-side’.

Clean scaffold & GRP boards

Hygienic Scaffolding

We hold a dedicated stock of clean scaffolding which is kept segregated in our yard, this stock never goes on to conventional building sites.

GRP boards can be used instead of conventional timber boards for tube and fitting scaffolds or steel decks on our system scaffold.

Temporary Screening

Hygenic - Screens

Whilst work is being undertaken in sensitive areas such as food & drink processing factories, shopping centres or highly sensitive production facilities.

We provide various bespoke solutions including screening walls, acoustic barriers or protection walkways.

Fire Retardant screening can be provided.