Health and Safety

Health and Safety Manager

Health and safety manager

Our highly qualified Health and Safety Manager continually challenges the directors and management to make continuous incremental improvements in our already robust procedures.

On a daily basis he oversees the standard duties such as; Health and Safety Monitoring on all sites, weekly Tool Box talks, weekly scaffold inspections, bi-monthly harness inspections.

A recent innovation is a cloud based App that produces a real-time Report of a site Health and Safety visit. This is emailed not just to our management team but also to the Contractor site management team who can be made immediately aware of any issues discovered on site.

Additionally, the team manage numerous other initiatives within our business that help keep our Operatives Healthy and Safe.

Training and Mentoring

Health and safety

Our purpose built Training facility gives us the opportunity to provide our operatives with classroom based learning in addition to their on-site training. This starts when a novice does their COTS training with us, we are the only scaffolding company in the Midlands accredited by CITB to deliver this in-house. We have our own Apprentice scheme and training schemes at all grades that prepare candidates for successful completion of the CISRS cards process. Our dedicated Scaffolding Instructor and Mentor oversees the training plans and CPD of all our operatives.

This combined training and mentoring is one of our many initiatives that help keep our Operatives Healthy and Safe.

Employee Safety and Health

Health and safety

The safety of construction operatives has improved year-on-year, and now increasingly the focus is on their Health. It seemed untenable to us, that at the point when a seasoned scaffolder reached a peak of training and experience, their body started to shows signs of a harsh working life, often resulting in them leaving the industry. This was one of the principal reasons why we replaced all of our old fashioned 21’ and 16’ tubes with modern light-weight 4m and 3m Van Thiel Tube-lock. This has massively reduced manual handling issues and will significantly extend an operative’s working life. We also carry-out Fit For Work Safety Critical Medicals for all operatives and Health MOTs for management.

Our exclusive use of lightweight tube-lock is one of our many initiatives that help keep our Operatives Healthy and Safe.



We have been member of the NASC for ten years. This gives us immediate access to all the best practice within our Industry. The accepted gold standard for safe scaffolding Operation is the Safety Guidance known as SG4:15. This is written and regularly update by the NASC Safety Committee with direct input from members such as ourselves. There are numerous other Safety Guidance’s from the NASC, and also other committees covering all other aspects of scaffolding. We have a company Director sitting on one of these national committees.

Our direct involvement in the NASC and use of all Technical and Safety Guidance is one of our many initiatives that help keep our Operatives Healthy and Safe.