Haki® System Scaffold

Understanding the modern construction industry, we saw the need to introduce a system scaffold. System scaffolds are modular and on certain applications you can experience a faster build time.

Haki® is used worldwide with its unique ‘Hook-on’ product design, it offers speed and safety.

One of the reasons for the investment into Haki® is their dedication to make safety an integral part of its product use.

We are proud to be recognised as an Haki® ‘Approved Contractor’.


Haki - Malvern Scaffolding

Utilising the Haki® Ledger Beam and steel decks, we can build bay sizes of 3m x 3m reducing the components compared to tube & fitting birdcages by over a half but increasing the loading capacity of the platform by 50%.

Flush standards on the working platform gives clear access with no obstacles.


Haki - Malvern Scaffolding

Universal is one of the quickest and safest system scaffolds on the market. On the right project can be up to 50% quicker to erect than other methods.

Totally safe system of work with the unique erect ahead guard-rail method complying with industry Safety Guidelines (SG4).

Site Stair Tower

Haki - Malvern Scaffolding

Only requiring four legs, the Haki® Stair Tower is design for a faster erect and dismantle process saving our clients time.

Rigid flights, non-slip landings and a full toe board system provides safe access for site operatives.

Site Loading Tower

Haki - Malvern Scaffolding

The adaptable Haki® Loading Tower is a TG20 compliant system.

Built for Universal it is also totally compatible with tube and fitting scaffolds.

The ability to have multiple lifts accessible on the basic four leg tower it is a real space saver on site.

Temporary Shelter – Weather Protection

Haki - Malvern Scaffolding

The space saving shelter can be built up to 14m wide and based on a single leg design allows minimal disruption. The shelter is versatile and can be static or mobile.

Perfect for low level weather protection.

Temporary Roof – Weather Protection

Haki - Malvern Scaffolding

The innovative HakiTec Roof System is our first choice for weather protection.

The system can be tailored to any structure and is safe and fast to erect, providing maximum protection from the elements.

Its versatility allows Ridge/Mono pitch or Polygonal roof structures to be constructed.

Public Access Staircase

Haki - Malvern Scaffolding

Designed for public events or large-scale sites. The public access staircase has an increased loading capability of 5kN/m2 enabling large footfall on the stair.

Hand-rails feature anti-tamper and child proof safety locks.

Fully compliant with current building regulations.

Bridging System

Haki - Malvern Scaffolding

Haki® Bridging system allows large span temporary bridges to be erected quickly and safely minimising disruption.

Infrastructure projects benefit from the simply but strong design.

The bridge integrates with the Public Access Stair system. Can be finished with non-slip GRP walkways and clad walls.