Birmingham City University, Seacole Building

Client: GTH Construction Ltd

The client needed to install a 500kg hoist to raise materials 14m, but it was not possible to tie anything into the building. And the scaffold needed to be erected in just one weekend. The height of the scaffold untied dictated a footprint of 6m x 6m. We designed a HAKI System Hoist Tower with 1000kg of kentledge at each corner.

On the roof we installed 50m of Shorguard SG4 system that provides freestanding edge protection which does not require a physical connection to the flat roof surface. It enables the roofer to work on the surface of the flat roof without dismantling the guardrail. The feet are simply lifted up and down by the roofer as work proceeds, thereby saving considerable time on their programme whilst maintaining a safe working environment.

This was all installed to three separate locations.

Project Duration: Two months

Project Value: £40,000